6 Falcon Drive, Peachtree City, GA 30269

next to Falcon Field

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Hours of Operation:

Monday and Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday through Saturday - 10am to 6pm

Sunday - 1pm to 5pm

Races will be held the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month from 1pm to 5pm starting November 10th through March 22. Practice will be held every Saturday prior to race day from 1pm to 5pm.  The track will be closed to all other use during Practice time and Race days.


The I-laps system is used for lap and speed recording and is the final word in race statistics.  Transponders are available for purchase or rent. Racers may use their on I-Laps or I-Laps compatible transponders.




The following classes will be run on race day.  If there is a class without enough racers to fill the race, it will be merged with another class but scored separately so there is no adverse effect for any one class.


2 Wheel Drive Short Course Truck

4 Wheel Drive Short Course Truck

2 Wheel Drive Buggy / Truggy

4 Wheel Drive Buggy / Truggy

1/8 scale Buggy




All races will be timed. Racers will receive the following points:

10 pts first place

8 pts second place

6 pts third place

4 pts fourth place

2 pts fifth place

1 pt for every lap completed

5 points for attending the club racers meeting before the race

Maximum of 50pts per race




$10 for the first race and $5 each additional class race

$10 for test and tune day.

$100 League Membership for the first family member, $25 for every member thereafter.

$10 for Transponder rental




Free access to track.

5% off parts purchased on Race and Test and Tune days.

All advice free but not necessarily good on Race and Practice days.

Falcon Raceway Point Series

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For Series Standings visit Facebook.com/FayetteHobbies