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Hours of Operation:

Monday and Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday through Saturday - 10am to 6pm

Sunday - 1pm to 5pm


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Half Day Camps and After School Programs

Helicopter Build and Flight Challenge

Wing and Aerodynamics Experiment

Build a Boomerang

Slingshot Glider

Marshmallow Cannon

Build a simple stick Helicopter and learn how it flies.  Then compete with your friends to see who can stay in the air the longest or fly the furthest.

Learn about different types of wings and experiment with different wing types.  Then compete with your friends to see who can stay in the air the longest or fly the furthest.

Learn how boomerangs work and make 2 boomerangs out of household items.  There’s a throwing contest at the end.

Build and learn about propulsion and how airplane flies. Then compete with your friends to see who can stay in the air the longest or fly the furthest.

Make a marshmallow cannon and learn how propulsion works.  Are you up for a little Capture the Flag?

If you are interested in any of the camps or classes that are full or have passed, please call to see if we can arrange a special camp for your group.  We require at least four students and a date range outside any of our other camps.


Monster Truck Build and Race - Build a monster truck from over 180 pieces and on the final day, race against your classmates. We'll build a 1/10 scale 2 wheel drive monster truck. Students will build a working transmission and suspension and put it all together to make a model truck.  Then participants will setup and learn how motors, electronic speed controls and radios all work together to power the remote control truck. The cost of this camp is $185.

April 6 -10

June 22 - 26          

July 27 - 31         Class Full

Monster Truck Build Part 2 - Now you’ve built your Monster Truck, it’s time to learn the physics of controlling your vehicle in the air and around the corners.  Each day we’ll hone our new found skills on Falcon RC Raceway.  When mishaps happen, the students will learn how to repair their truck and get it back out on the track.  Its 3 days of learning, racing and repairing.  Monster Truck Build Part 1 is a pre-requiste to this camp.  The cost of this camp $150.

july 6 - 8  Cancelled

Rocket Build and Launch - Come learn how rockets work and build a couple. Students will learn the history of rockets and how simple rockets work.  There will be lots of jet propulsion experiments.  Participants will get to build a couple of rockets and on the final day launch them. Campers will bring home a pair of scratch built rockets.  The cost of this camp is $125.

May 25 - 29

Rocket Build Part 2 - Take your rocket building skills to the next level.  We’ll build a couple of advanced rockets that helicopters and glides back to earth. Students will review their knowledge of rocket flight and learn new physics concepts behind helicopter and glider flight.  Rocket Camp part 1 is a pre-requiste for this camp.  The cost of this camp $150.

May 25 - 29

Programing Camp - Learn programing using a microprocessor with over 60 sensors and components.  Students will learn and experiment with programming and will come to realize that learning electronics is more fun than you ever expected. Campers will bring home the microprocessor, components and lesson book with more projects for future experimentation. The cost of this camp is $175 per child.

June 1 - 5

Build a Robot Car - An educational STEM program for beginners to get hands-on experience with programming, electronics assembling and robotics knowledge.  Campers will build and experiment with 24 kinds of module parts including obstacle avoidance, line tracing module, infrared remote control and also you can control it via phone and tablets of Android and iOS system (device required). The cost of the camp is $175 per child.

June 15 - 19

Drone Build and Race - Build a Drone and on the final day race through an obstacle course.  In this class students learn to build their drones from scratch, put circuits and parts together. On the last day, the students will compete with each other to navigate an obstacle course in the shortest time.  The cost of this camp is $175.

July 13 - 17

Flight School and First Flight - In this 2 day camp students will spend a day in flight school on flight simulators learning the basics of remote control flight for airplanes and drones.  Then the class will head out to the flying field and spend the next day flying remote control airplanes. The cost of this camp is $100.

Motorsports Camp - In this one day camp the students spend the day at Falcon RC Raceway learning race techniques and the science behind them.  Learn how to jump and corner your RC truck. Students must provide their own truck.  The cost of the class is $75.

Feb 18

Build a Glider - In this one day camp students build a sailplane and learn what makes a plane fly.  The sailplane is a free flight (hand tossed) glider and can later be turned into a powered remote control airplane. Students will also make 2 wings; one for easy gliding the other shorter for acrobatics. The cost of the camp is $75.

Feb 19

STEM Rescue Mission Camp - Students will design, plan, and execute a mock canyon rescue mission, learning about different types of rescue vehicles, modes of operation, and how their strengths and weaknesses would affect a rescue.  Students will also get a survival pack and learn how to use the instruments in it.  The cost of this cam is $100.

Feb 17

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